The linQ Method

The linQ Innovation Method is a set of principles and practices we apply in each of our programs that help direct innovation and develop talent.

“Explore, Imagine, Build” process

This process is iterative and progressive:

  • Explore: Define, document, and defend the selection of target areas of real-world impact.
  • Imagine: Conceive solutions that would materially influence the future.
  • Build: Do it! Create a plan, demonstrate feasibility, de-risk the imagined solution.

Sustained involvement

All programs are implemented by a cadre of “faculty” who actively participate throughout and thereby provide continuity and an opportunity for continuous improvement and cross training. These faculty include traditional PhD-level “professors” as well as practitioners (business executives, engineers, physicians, etc.).

Professional framework

Teams & collaboration: It is the exception for an individual to be solely responsible for impactful contributions.

Accountability: While learning is an integral element of our programs, participants are held accountable to deliver results.

Professional growth: All involved have an opportunity to contribute and to learn.