linQ method

The linQ method accelerates impact by helping people define unmet needs, make better strategic decisions, compress time, and act as change agents.

Our innovation method activates networks to get greater results from investments in people and resources. People collaborating in our programs create new research opportunities, strengthen their organizations’ innovation capacity, and accelerate their careers.

By involving clinicians, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and business people in research and professional development programs, MIT linQ fosters an innovation ecosystem that produces high impact people and technologies.


Needs focused

linQ encourages a relentless focus on closing the gaps between problem and solution to meet real-world needs, at each stage of every research project.

Learning by doing

We develop talent through direct experience driving research from discovery (of medical needs or new science) toward real-world impact.

Diverse representation

Participants have diverse disciplinary and professional experience, leveraging deep expertise along the entire innovation lifecycle.



Everything linQ accomplishes results from the breadth and quality of its community—innovators emerging and experienced alike, across the lifecycle of new technology R&D. Their diverse expertise, perspectives, and resources enable innovation otherwise impossible in a single organization.

Mission focus

Our approach to impact-driven innovation helps keep new technology projects on a focused course, and makes efficient use of our community’s expertise and resources.


linQ programs are built on the principles of collaboration, learning by doing, and a focus on unmet needs. They are designed to influence people and projects at key stages of their development. Each program leverages our diverse community and innovation method to encourage creative work and professional growth.

The linQ method thoughtfully integrates medical, technological, and business perspectives to develop innovation leaders and prepare them to drive ideas toward patient impact.
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