Jonathan Cannon

Jonathan Cannon Jonathan Cannon is a computational neuroscientist and mathematician dedicated to revealing the functional roles of oscillations in the brain their implications for the treatment of mental illness.  Dr. Cannon received his doctorate in mathematics at Boston University under the guidance of Nancy Kopell, focusing specifically on mathematical models of gamma-band oscillations and their possible cognitive functions.  During his … Read More

Echoe Bouta

Echoe Bouta Echoe Bouta is a biomedical engineer focused on understanding the role of the lymphatic system in multiple disease states and determining the therapeutic potential of targeting lymphatics. She started her research career as an undergraduate student on a project testing potential lymphedema treatments. Her PhD thesis work at University of Rochester focused on elucidating the role of lymphatics … Read More

Shoh Asano

Shoh Asano Shoh Asano received his PhD in Biophysics, working in the multi-disciplinary environment of the Molecular Structural Biology group of Prof. Wolfgang Baumeister at the Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry. During that time, Shoh studied the ultrastructure inside single synapses and neurons by means of electron cryo-tomography. He is now a postdoctoral associate in the Synthetic Neurobiology group of Prof. … Read More