linQ outcomes

linQ drives change by developing people as innovation leaders, by enabling projects with high potential for impact, and by inspiring new practices and perspectives. 

Nucleating high potential new projects without constraint of a single lab or institution.
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of projects attract new investment

“The experience, the process, the collaboration, the mentorship, the network, all showed me what it takes to comprehensively assess and execute on an idea in order to create an impactful product and business.”
—Catalyst fellow

Career preparation for post-doctoral and advanced pre-doctoral trainees.
participants since launch in 2016

“I really learned a lot from the IMPACT Program and feel that I am now better prepared to craft nascent research ideas into research projects with real-world impact.”
—IMPACT fellow

Strategizing potential of team projects which have an eye towards commercialization.
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project teams since 2012

“IDEA² showed me how important it is to make your idea understood … I thought that all the people who were talking to me were doctors, or they understood medicine. But they aren’t. They are from business, from medical sector industries, different sectors. … [The mentors] gave me the ability to understand my own project.”
—IDEA² project team leader

Career development workshop for women and underrepresented minorities in top junior research positions.
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participants since launch in 2017