MIT linQ updates April 2020

Catalyst Europe 2020 recruiting just closed, stay tuned for an announcement of Fellows from network nodes in Madrid, Erlangen, and Debrecen. The program will launch as scheduled in May, rapidly adapting to new travel and collaboration limitations. Learn about this new initiative to bring MIT linQ to the EIT Health Campus pillar.

IMPACT Fall 2020 application is now open through May 30, this opportunity is open to Ph.D. students, post-docs, and clinical fellows.

IDEA² Global will resume in early 2021. For updates about the application process, please subscribe here.


Joaquin Lopez Herraiz, IDEA² Global Faculty and M+Visión Fellow, team’s X-VOC project was 1 of 40 selected for the UNESCO #CodeTheCurve hackathon.

The Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), where many of our MIT linQ community members are working, just received 125,000 Euros to identify monoclonal antibodies to be used as a prophylactic or therapeutically in response to the epidemic caused by COVID-19.

Roozbeh Ghaffari, IMPACT Faculty and PDA, team Epicore Biosystems helped develop digitally enabled PPE to monitor patients’ electrolyte levels, fatigue, and non-invasively measuring their sweat cytokine levels. This will help physicians monitor and predict which COVID-19 cases will become life-threatening and help monitor medical staff health and fatigue.

Watch the webinar recording on COVID-19: A chat with Bob Langer on vaccines, nanotech & the future of healthcare.

Mario Martínez-Galdámez, IDEA² Global Mentor and M+Visión Faculty, shares changes to their INR Stroke protocol for patient candidates to mechanical thrombectomy.


Leuko introduced their technology at the first Nina Capital technical summit.

Click here to read about more updates from the linQ community and to learn about external career and professional development opportunities.

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